8 comments on “Plato Misunderstood

  1. Excellent!!!!

    “The tyranny of just a single mad despot

    Creates in an instant a destitute state

    While the tyranny of a small God-less minority

    Slowly edges us toward that impoverished fate”

    Thanks for sharing this. I will be reading more:)


  2. I thought your poetic expression of these ideas was very well wrought. I wonder what you think of the idea of the philosopher king and whether such an individual could become the sort of tyrant that you are trying to avoid? granted plato’s “real” views on this, as anything, are controversial, so i’m not saying plato actually meant to advance this as a practical solution…

    also, I wonder if you’d enjoy one of my favorite books on the relation of Nietzsche and Heidegger (and others) to plato? the title is “Postmodern Platos” and it explores the relationship between several modernist thinkers and plato and indicates some degree of ambivalence. i.e. that Nietzsche did not object so much to plato perhaps but to Platonism. just food for thought. I enjoyed the poem, (though I suspect we are on different ends of the political dialectic at times), thanks!


    • this piece was more political polemic than philosophy – the philosopher king is an alluring but dangerous intellectual inducement to tyranny – nonetheless The Republic is provocatively useful I think to modern statists


  3. Right on the money, beautifully written also.

    Being from Spain, I lived through 16 years of socialist governments, and believe me, it does not work. And by the way, your current president Mr.O, it´s the typical socialist-populist, which when he said he was going to “transform america”,people since you came out of Bush´s doctrines, thought, `hey this is going to be a nice change from that other guy Mr.Bush” What they didn´t realise and what I did since I know these politicians is that he would try to completely try to turn the U.S 360 around and make it more of a socialist european country, and once he´s done it, it´s very very difficult to undue. Ex. Obamacare, not going very well right? Imagine the Republicans get the senate the house and the president. They can try to repeal the law, but that has to go through the courts now, so it can take some time, plus people will already be used to what they have got with this guy that if you try to change them yet again to the old or a better system it will create more uncertainty in people´s life´s. And nobody want´s uncertaintly. People are by nature not very patient and if the Republicans want to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better or back to the old stuff is going to take time and some missteps and the democrats will make people believe it is all the fault of the Republicans, so Mr.O already won. He did transform america from a get off your butt and go to work capitalist society to sit on your couch and wait for you unemployment check mentality.

    You voted for him, not you specifically, but with the love that I have for the U.S since I lived there half of my life, hope to God people are a bit more conscious and not so easily fooled when it gets to a charismatic leader like Mr.O which is not a leader but a populist and in my opinion sort of a dictator when he say´s he won´t go through congress to pass any bills because he has a pen and a phone. Never heard another president say that. And I´m a amateur history buff.


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