19 comments on “Stonewood Soliloquy

  1. Isn’t amazing how the country transforms one! I am from the lower East side in New York City transported to upstate New York just on weekends but even in small doses the country works magic on one’s psyche and spirituality. We feel very blessed to have our little barn and hope to retire there in a few years.


  2. Beautifully composed prose-poetry. My wife is from Rhode Island, where we walk among similiarly anchient walls, now more picturesque than functional. Here in WV our rock walls are different, as we have more limestone and standstone to work with, being slightly south of your glacieral morains. You can see our walls on my post about rock walls


    Tag… You’re it.


  3. This is beautiful Paul. I’m so glad you made me aware of it. I could see it through your words. Each season touched upon. Your kingdom exposed. But most of all, I love your wall.


  4. I started to write that it’s got to be hard to dislike such a place, but then thought it more like impossible. Of course this is from a guy who grew up with such places for playgrounds. The woods of Connecticut and Long Island were brought to mind as I read this. Thank you for that.

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      • NO! I’m very sorry to hear that, Paul. I hope you move somewhere that has close by what is now in your back yard.
        Pain management has me wondering about the next decade. Time is an indifferent bastard.

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  5. You have led a meaningful life. Work, family, successful career. You have now become a
    man of insights, experience, with poetic discernment.

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