6 comments on “Drones, Fair or Foul

  1. Thanks for airing your thoughts, Paul. So many things begin good, but end up bad. I have no faith in human nature. A hundred percent of men must be good 100% of the time. If just one man chooses to be bad, the system fails. I like what drones are doing now in specifically targeting the enemy and eliminating collateral damage and the lost of pilots. I fear, however, what drones may be used for in the future. I fear my loss of privacy. I fear my loss of freedom. I fear that, as a writer, I could easily become an enemy of the state, if the state takes a turn I don’t like. Will a drone be watching me? But, it may be too late. The genie, as is often said, is out of the bottle. Progress will keep moving forward whether moving forward is the right thing or not. Thanks for making me think today. HF


    • Thanks for your thoughtful commentary, Harper. While I share your fears, I have more faith in human nature, even while I recognize it’s made up of both the beautiful and the ugly. We can’t look for 100% virtue before investing our trust, otherwise we have no rationale for ever giving any power to anyone. Presidents, and for that matter a town zoning clerk, already have plenty of powers to hurt us. That risk is the trade-off for having some system of delegated authority. No one is less happy than I am with our President or our Congress. And the left scares me to death. So I cling to my bible and my guns and my constitution, like the crazy right winger some would make me out to be, but I also cling to my faith in human nature. And pray that the best of us wins out. Meantime, I keep searching for my poetic voice. PL


      • Paul, your faith in human nature is stronger than mine. I am a historian as declared by two colleges and many years of study and I do not see much virtue in the human race. I try to do what I can one person at a time, but it only takes one Hitler, one Stalin, or one Napoleon to screw it up for everyone. Can it happen here? You bet. That’s why I won’t give up my guns. Our guns are not for hunting. They are to protect us from tyrants. And tyrants abound. Paranoid, perhaps, but I have studied too much history to think otherwise. HF


        • Well said. I respectfully defer to your historian’s credentials and perspective. My studies were in philosophy. If and when the time comes, you’ll find me fighting beside you. Would you agree though that in the cases of Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin humanity eventually won out? But my God, the cost of their depradations was indeed horrific, probably none moreso than Stalin.


  2. I’m right with you, Paul. All the political crap aside, drones are now a necessary way of conducting surgical strikes and minimizing losses to our soldiers as well as the innocents of war. I think the use of drones is especially critical when the targets are hard to reach and it saves US lives. KC


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