21 comments on “Credo Resurrectionem

    • And it’s a lovely comment. I’m so glad you liked my idea. And it was my idea. I wrote it the way it presented itself to my imagination. But trifling with canon teachings never have passed muster with the church in the old days. The “mortified flesh” phrase alone would have given my old bishop a coronary.


  1. What a lovely thought with such a very dreary day out my window… To be reminded if Resurrection Sunday heading into fall, is most pleasant. Of course, shouldn’t we think of it everyday? Renewed faith, new life, hope sprung eternal! … Paul, this is a beautiful rendering of what Jesus did for humanity. I’m sure you’ve blessed the heart of God.


  2. I love this again, Paul. So here I am in my new digs–I’ve no idea why my adorable gravatar is not showing (banging my head against PC screen). Anyway, Indigo will be closing soon–and you’re cordially invited to Spumoni Caddo. God bless you BIG.


      • Yes, I stayed up till 3am, getting Koala to stay put–and I’m cackling with laughter about the CIA. Did you ever see the movie with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin, “The In-Laws”? If not, put it on your list–it’s hilarious.

        Actually, Caddo Veil was my first blog–so the “old timers” recognized me right away.


      • You’re probably accustomed to something better (“realer”) than Dreyers brand–but spumoni has become both a celebratory communion, and a remedy for what ails me!


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