12 comments on “Dead Language

  1. Very interesting point–I’ve always wondered how the world just keeps spinning, not terribly moved by losses; not that we should “stay stuck”, but perhaps a reverent remembering is in order. Some cultures seem more attuned–thinking of Native Americans.


  2. I immediately thought of the Voynich manuscript. Pages upon pages of things that may or may not have been words. It has baffled people for so long now that many linguists have simply given up. Some will make themselves feel better by saying it’s a well done hoax but, other similarly trained linguists will point out things like syntax and patterns. Sometimes, when I’m feeling whimsical, I like to imagine that the manuscript was written by some particularly smart people in some untouched corner of the world where they didn’t feel the touch of latin or germanic language. That those people lived some sort of idyllic life with strange plumbing and plants that shouldn’t exist. Then, I read your poem and I imagine those people simply disappearing. Leaving nothing but dust and the Voynich manuscript. The rest of the world simply, moves on.


  3. I wonder at all the documents (from cave/rock paintings/carvings to written texts) that we have accummulated. Now, so much is in digit format, which could be lost without electricity or devices to “access” the files. Or, more likely burried in the midden-piles of tweets and spam (hey, NSA guys, hope you don’t take that personally). Or, even missed because you posted it three weeks ago. Yet, the resiliance of our minds find similar ideas today that Kant, Descartes, Socraties, et al have pondered over the years. Do you make a print copy of your blogs?


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