13 comments on “Amalfi Coast

  1. Really did love:

    “Brings neighbor to neighbor

    Whose fortunes are lavish

    With utter simplicity”

    And the mention of mandolins brought back my grandfather playing on the sofa. The line above beautifully captures what was my experience with my grandparents and my aunt (the one I wrote about yesterday in the poem on holding hands). Joy in the simple and the quiet.


  2. i like that your piece is built much like those homes. and you def make me want to go there to write and take up painting as well.


  3. magnificent. love the description, I got a real sense of history here, great job, Paul. Best wishes from Baldy 🙂
    p.s. loved the line in the last stanza about the philosophers decanting their minds. You are a true wordsmith, sir.


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