33 comments on “As Days Go By

  1. Paul!!!!!!!!!!
    Was this from you or adapted.
    This is a masterpiece.
    Well, since I’m ahead of your time zone, I am seeing your “tomorrow”, which is my “now”, and I am seeing you do know something about how to write a thought-provoker.


    • Okay, that’s way overboard, but I thank you nonetheless (and I’m bowing humbly). All you will read here is pure me. No adaptation. No plagiarism. But I often treat common themes and could very well have a double out there somewhere.


  2. first of all, thanks for the recent “like” on one of my posts, and secondly, for bringing me here to your blog. Loving what I see. This poem is superb! So true and so well said. I imagine all of us basically feel like this, except for those delusional people who actually believe they KNOW something.
    with love light and JOY


  3. Excellent play of words. I’d love to re log this on this new page I’m developing on quotes poems and ideas I like… Peace…


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