26 comments on “Exhibition

  1. Nice visual play….and privacy, well, haven’t we lost it long ago…or better say, don’t most of us want to put our privacy out there for the sake of stardom, be it minute.


  2. True– I sometimes feel like a whore disrobing when writing intimacies but truths conveyed to a keyboard seem worth communicating at the time. It is in the rereading long after, I cringe in lost modesty.


  3. the visual left my spiraling to the end,
    I arrived more quickly
    than I had hoped.

    I will return to the start,
    and follow through again –
    hopefully more carefully this time.


      • Your welcome. It is awesome poetry and addresses something I often think about. How much sharing is too much? I go pretty far myself but secrets tend to loom large in the dark and after years of restraint I have put it out there. I post not to shock, not even for followers, but to connect and touch the hearts of other survivors. God, I hate that word. It’s so limiting. Think I’ll make up a new word. Have a great day, Jeanne Marie


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