32 comments on “Conscience Never Sleeps

  1. Brilliant again, I enjoy reading your poetry, inspires me, and the question, when do we turn into monsters…brilliant…would like to hear your thoughts and advice on my poetry, I posted some more poems…


  2. enjoyed this very much…I would definitely be a monster given any throne…thank god I don’t have those dreams…


  3. Stunningly provocative! My mind will be considering the dimensions of your dream for a bit. What talent that by asking one question, you unleash a tide of questions. So beautiful.

    I have problems with my eyes, too, so I cannot read everyone’s blogs. That’s why I don’t automatically follow people who follow me. It doesn’t seem right that I should follow people unless I’m *really* following them (I know that must sound silly). All that to say, I’m going to make your blog one of the “must reads” when my eyes are fresh because I feel enriched by reading your writing.

    Congratulations on your book, too!


  4. This is the kind of dream that leaves you exhausted upon waking–but you said you were not asleep…still–exhausting, maybe more so.


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