46 comments on “Angels

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  2. The sweetness of simplicity in a picture and just a few short words. Have you witnessed an experience with an angel? That’s even more incredible and they are among us. 🙂


  3. My joy that you see / know it all should understand humbling
    seen what we fear but angels importance grows larger than ever
    in Sweden myckt get think and talk about this subject but viewed it as a fool
    Archangel act soon, yes! demons’ time even more visible than ever
    I then children have never been afraid and they spit in falsehood abyss
    With änglrars help and my arrogance * smiles * yearn to use tools
    and show them that the Lord will always keep his word and say scammed
    Your poor thing die!.

    Writes a bit about the fight and the
    I think the blog / trying maybe is the right word

    The image of the Angel is the finest I have ever seen

    Raoul Michael Robert


  4. Paul — you mentioned you had no story but often felt their presence and I.wanted to pass along to you a story of an angel encounter I had.

    I wrote it back in 2007 and after reading your angel poem I reposted it with a new picture with some edits.

    If you’re interested in the read, I’ll send you the link. It’s called, “Repost: Entertaining Angels Unawares”.


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