12 comments on “Herr Biedermeier

  1. As I was reading, it occurred to me that this quest/thirst for understanding and knowledge provides keys to opens so many doors. Where is the unified theory of morals and ethics that helps us understand which should be opened and which should be left closed. Interesting Einstein’s comment about religion, that doesn’t seem to meet the need, how about humanism? The current political situation further emphasizes that we can’t count on the government to provide useful guidance or long term thinking.


  2. Newton said correctly that he stood on the shoulders of giants. True, Einstein, Newton, Euclid stand out, but they are also links in a chain iof scientific inquiry and thought. Many great and powerfully insightful scientists dedicated essentially to truthful study of the world. The quest goes on and it’s a beautiful thing. Ever read any of Einstein’s little books for the layman? They’re quite interesting in that they show a bit of how his mind worked, how he addressed problems.


  3. YES!!! oh yes, you are so right, and loved how you wrote it out! Einstein was my favorite, because he ADMITTED he truly believed in God, because there was always one tiny thing in his calculations he could never figure out. he even got to the point where he would add in an x factor to explain this, because he couldn’t. Genius with humbleness….as CLOSE as we will ever get!!!! 🙂


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