14 comments on “Anasazi Vision

  1. This is great. I grew up in Cortez, CO, about 9 miles from Mesa Verde. I spent most of my life in those ruins and the surrounding canyons in the Four Corners region. The Anasazi are probably the most mysterious tribe in history. You captured their disappearance well.


  2. Reading your poetry is like hearing French… it sounds beautiful, no matter what you are saying! I love your vocabulary. Sometimes I think of some poets as kings and queens of language kingdoms, prosperous rulers of words, and sometimes there are poets like you, who I think of as Emperors of words! I am not flattering, I am sharing what I have imagined many times before now when reading people’s poetry, including yours 🙂


      • Really? If my comments do that, then in comparison your words are far better, as they throw me for a loop, taking me away to amazing imaginary and surreal but real places… it’s like hitching a ride on your sentences, which I hold in mind like a lasso that you’ve used to capture beautiful typhoons that carry my thoughts away on your awe-inspiring adventures!


  3. I LOVE photos of these ruins–they completely captivate me, spin my romantic wondering imagination. Excellent poem, especially the end–I feel like I knew that woman, might have been her…


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