22 comments on “Pharmacopeia

  1. Reblogged this on The Rocky Summit and commented:
    I cannot recommend people read this author’s blog every week. He’s also published a book that I’m ordering today. What he writes is hauntingly beautiful and thought provoking. Your mind will compulsively expand upon reading his writing. His poetry and prose will stay with you as your subconscious feeds on the layers of meaning, nourishing your heart and soul with previously unknown perspective.
    I am reblogging this particular poem because it strikes my very core. Careful cost-benefit analysis compels me to reject synthetic comfort in favor of living live with discomfort so great it severely limits even my range of movement (I have 30% ROM in my neck). What Pail has written here explains why I gladly choose to live this way.
    Thank you, Paul, for, once again, endowing my day with meaning and clarity.


  2. Strong, powerful–opioid hieroglyphs worked for me too. I lost some years (can’t remember how many, as opioids cancel out a lot of memory function–which can be a mercy)–before I realized the very temporary condition “pain free”, had become a 24/7 “freedom” from all thought, creativity, interaction with the conscious “living” world. It was a horrid sort of waking death, day after day–nothing about eternal “rest” to it. So I’ll take the pain now–it’s more productive–and when it subsides for a time, the JOY is glorious. It’s Friday, I’m rambling on and on….


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