23 comments on “Emblems of Deceit

  1. Well…my immediate reaction…was doctors and medical technology is OUT OF CONTROL! .I went to the Nursing Home where my younger brother was dying from myotonic dystrophy…his last days were horrible! I felt that THEY made him suffer needlessly–experimenting on him–breaking the bones of his already dead body…


    • So sorry for your loss and his suffering. My piece entails just one very bad actor. Overall, my experiences with doctors, including those involved with my losses of loved ones, have been quite good.


  2. Loved the poem but not the hurt that propelled the anger to write it. So sorry for whatever happened! It is going on right now with my 81-year- old aunt. Trauma and torture for her and all of her family.


  3. This one split me in two. I was just going to “wow” it but first commenter said it all.
    There does exist judicious wrath and righteous indignation within the human sphere. Those shrinking from the spirit of this poem seem to either be unaware of this or exhibiting some sort of schizophrenic denial shielding them from it’s truth and efficacy while displaying a similar indignation in a variety of degrees. I found this one courageous, just, and not in any way, self righteous.


  4. The emblem’s symbolism originally comes from the healing from looking up to the bronze serpent fashioned by Moses that he put on a staff in Numbers 21:4-9 that healed the Israelites from poison, as well as from it being a “type” foreshadowing the healing from “looking to Christ raised on the cross” for the healing/forgiveness of sin and receiving of eternal life, as mentioned in John 3:14-16.

    I like your poem – history tells us that the Israelites, over time, started treating the bronze serpent as an idol, worshiping it as a god, twisting what it was actually meant to be. Just like medical doctors can twist the meaning of healing as you said. It’s an awesome poem, it brings up multiple deep meanings. Thanks for sharing this awesome, mentally-stirring poem Paul!


  5. Well I think you know I’m on your side, empathize with your loss and suffering. My situation is probably more subtle, less visible–but the impact of a Dr who dismisses and minimizes a patient’s complaints has left me lacking in options and hope, suffering in silence. If, at some future date, I choose the final alternative, he will undoubtedly say, “she had psychological problems for decades”. Unfortunately, there’s truth there–if the physical is ignored, it blossoms into a larger, far-reaching systemic dis-ease. God bless you, Paul–as you continue to fight your battle, seek resolution, or at least a balm.


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