34 comments on “Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

  1. like so much about this…”Admit into transepts…Heaven’s own light…With agnostic rays..Refracted by doubts” …guess we have all doubted one time or other……and then “Host the Eucharist
    Rapture that ruptures, What evil may linger”——yes, I have felt that peace the comes from sitting there in silence in the sanctuary…..You have said MUCH! and described the Basilica so well!


  2. This one takes my breath not just away, Paul, but far beyond. The images pack enough power to bring me to my knees. You have captured that paradox of divinity intertwined with humanity. Thank you.


  3. Yes, you took me there and I felt the majestic hush–and yet I wish I could actually visit–how it pulls. I can’t even imagine being married there–was your sister’s wedding huge and grand?


  4. H!, what a beautiful testimony to jewel still standing. Paul, as you enter Cathedral Basilica–in your silence–you must feel God and his Son Jesus Christ are with you. Thank You Lord


  5. A wonderful piece here at the start of Lent….(and thanks for Liking my Ash Wednesday prayer).
    I lived in North Jersey for a number of years, know Newark well….. much like my own boyhood industrial New England mill town (Lawrence)… where sin and grace and forgiveness were real daily necessities.
    Best and Blessings,
    Len Freeman


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