15 comments on “Marathon

  1. It’s so unfortunate that we create this ugly word we live in. Much change is needed in our philosophy on life as citizens. We care to much for the stuff that doesn’t matter, and not enough on what really does. People are to busy caring for their own stuff that doesn’t matter, that they keep on moving past those they could change. This creates the madness. Let’s pray for all of them, because there will be a lot of grief.


  2. Hi Paul. Such passion and meaning such a tragic loss of the innocence. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ By The River’. Best Wishes The Foureyed Poet.


  3. Thanks for liking my poem about that madness. Writing it did make me feel a bit better, a little less helpless. I hope yours helped you too. I have no connection with Boston or Texas, just with other humans. Thanks for posting your poem. Patti


  4. It is terrible what has transpired in Beantown. And one must wait to, hopefully, find the truths behind such heinous acts. Thank you for sharing your poetry, and thank you so much for following my blog. I appreciate it.

    Take care,


  5. It is so horrendous that people feel they need to hurt another human being . Its like tit for tat every time a rocket is fired into another foreign land they just create more of the same. Anger is the killer


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