21 comments on “Il Pranzo

      • I enjoy learning something new. I was never any good at geography. I remember playing a game of Trivial Pursuit back in the 1980s with a good friend (who, as a child, was denied TV and thus entertained himself by reading encyclopedias and studying world atlases—shudder!). He drew a card and asked me, “Where is the Iberian Peninsula?” I had no idea. As I am full-blood Portuguese, he found this highly amusing…


  1. Reblogged this on Sipofwords and commented:
    A great sip of words! Like a first sip of good red wine – it lets you surprised and pleased in explosion of memories and forgotten emotions.

    I wonder, is the female protagonist Italian and why is she leaving him?


  2. Mmmm….Awwww. Such a contrast in feelings, the anticipation of the wonderful meal, and then boom, the sudden and surprise ending, a looking forward, then a sudden looking back. Wonderful.


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