31 comments on “Fibonacci Sequence 2

  1. You’re a genius, and I’ll confess now that I don’t always follow you (as in, grasp your message). However, I recently did one of these Fibonacci–I find them fascinating!


  2. Very interesting – it took me a while to ‘get it’ but I did in the end – there isn’t a formula you can think of that makes a small amount of money in the bank stretch to cover a large amount in expenses is there? Perhaps if we added the expenses and the income together and then used that to pay the bills?
    PS thanks for the visit to http://ja2da.com


  3. Wow, this one is great.

    May the poets reveal the truths that are hidden in plain sight. Unmask the masked ones that prey on the vulnerable… and walk among us in plain sight. No remorse within the wicked minds who reign power through lies and treachery.

    I think you have inspired a poem. ❤

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