31 comments on “Reality TV

  1. reality tv is something I detest with a passion it panders to the lowest possible denominator…it has even infected programming on the History and Discover Channel predominating their programming. I can’t even stand having to see the commercials for these shows


  2. Grrr… the above comment already used ‘detest’ so I will go with ‘despise’ – I despise – and I’m a pretty easy-going guy – but I dearly do with every fiber of my being, despise the whole reality tv plague. Grrr.


  3. Even on this side of the globe reality t.v. is infesting our live with mindless rubbish. Great work I love your poem


  4. Hey, Paul~

    Perfect. My sentiments exactly. The infinite and mindless trough that millions seek syrupy sustenance. Such a sorry state of TV. More so, the sorry condition of the conditioned masses.

    Thank you, as always, for a contemplative post.

    Take care, and enjoy the weekend. Oh, and do unplug your TV. There’s really nothing on. (That is, if you possess one…)



  5. I shouldn’t sit in judgement, but I wonder which is worse–the folks that get on the shows, or those who watch. Personally, I don’t have time for such idiocy. Oooh, I musta forgot my “grace pill” this morning! Have a great weekend, Mr Lenzi–God bless you. (My new pictures will be featured on Sunday, so you’ll see I’m not really a carousel horse head–just a happy old lady!)


  6. Amen. Every time I’ve tried to tackle the subject I end up swearing profusely, so hat’s off to your more intelligent (and intelligible), controlled burn.


  7. Poignant! i gave up on TV a month ago…and I feel so much more relaxed and more sane! The world news is so devastating…the politics and destruction of Mother Earth is appalling…the murder of children everywhere in the world…and then REALITY TV—what a horrible waste of TV’s promise…what a horrible waste of life energy with the people in them! I refuse to watch that trash and think all that I can do now is to be the best kind of person I can be in this world.


    • good for you – I’m not so brave – it’s my window on the world – but not the trashy stuff – to become our best selves is a great gift to the world – I am trying my whole life to do so


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