27 comments on “Tropic of Can’t Sir

  1. “accumulating non-humidity”

    Try it. Loud and wet
    may yet affect
    your arid quiet.
    go tropic and free!
    and say, I can, see?

    Serve two masters
    and have two bands,
    or have a duet-blog-riot.
    So why not
    enjoy a fine dry sir-name

    with a moist sub-tropical diet?.

    Nice poem poes(;


  2. Absolutely love it! However can we make it autumn and winter? Love the colors of fall foliage. Oh and while we are changing things up make everywhere have autumn and winter…i don’t really get either here in Florida.


  3. Into the third day of this blankets-blank oppressive heat and humidity, I am happy to think about beautiful winter and glad for kindred souls who agree! Lovely poetry. Cynthia (littleoldladywho.net)


  4. I talk about living “mentally” in Hawaii–but truthfully, I couldn’t stand the humidity if I actually lived there. Pacific NW is pretty temperate, so I’m grateful to be here. (I think I’m jabbering too much today…)


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