46 comments on “The Most Versatile Word

  1. In urdu we got a word,” Acha” It means good. But when you say it,” Aaaachaaaa” it means okay I got it. Acha . I means I understand. Acccccha ..really ? Acha acha..means go on ..one word too many meanings and no one even add another word to define..its the tone and context that brings out the meaning of the word.


  2. That was shittingly brilliant shit… I mean how does one write shit like that? Loved that shit – no really! And don’t forget the English (UK of course) vernacular, “shite” – which is also shit but pronounced with an “-aiite.”


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  5. Oh my gosh! Too funny. And he probably said this so very fast, like he always did, with every word perfectly pronounced. He was amazing! I remember when he talked about the difference between cats and dogs. If you were killed in the street, your dog would be crying by your side, but your cat would start to wander away and wonder where his next meal was coming from. So many good skits.


  6. I loved this when I first read it here. And still do. You covered it all. Truly a versatile word. I had to stop saying it for a while after my eldest picked up on it as a toddler. But ‘sugar’ just doesn’t have the same ring to t. 😉 x


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