41 comments on “Thoughts on SCOTUS and Gay Marriage

  1. Glad you spoke up, Paul. This issue reminds me of all the basic rights others have not been allowed throughout the history of our country.
    Do you worry about losing readers, followers or friends over this public stance? Just curious about the courage it took to post this…did your finger falter before you hit “publish”?
    Thank you,


  2. Paul, what you have written is beautiful, so balanced, and open-minded! I reposted it on my FB page. I live in WI…need I say more…we have clusters of openness…and then –horrible hatred. Yes, respect is needed by both sides and for both sides…only then, as you stated, will we achieve understanding and tolerance…and civility. I am Roman Catholic also–however, I would add one more issue of disagreement to my list…lol…the misogynistic attitude has got to go! I am all for women priests! Thank you for your profound essay! I am going to reblog it on my little corner of WP!


  3. There may be “categorical demons ” at work. I have read that chemicals in our food/water might be a factor in the increasing number of gay people in society. It could be a plot to prevent overpopulation and we are all guinea pigs.


  4. Bold, powerful, honest. My favorite part was encouraging us, your readers, to embrace diversity. I come at the issue as a mom of a feminine son. I invite you to read one of two pieces I wrote in the past year on the topic:
    I’ve Got A Voice…
    That’s So Gay…

    Thanks for boldly addressing this topic in a civil manner.


  5. Hi Paul, Thank you for your comment and liking my poem ‘Castle!’ I treat everybody as equal we are all human. Though there might be aliens from other planets amongst us! Take Care. The Foureyed Poet.


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