28 comments on “Grateful Pause

  1. Your work is an avenue by which I can grow, that works within my physical condition and being unable to get out in the world to explore creative writing. My thanks to you for that. Blessings


  2. Congrats, Paul! Your blog is a pleasant reminder of why poetry (and philosophy) is alive and well in the world. More than anything, I value people who not only celebrate words, but convey heartfelt meaning with universal feelings. Keep up the excellent writing, my friend! Your have my tireless respect and endless admiration.
    Tyler 🙂


  3. Congratulations, Paul F.!!! I look forward to your poems and am rewarded for reading as they and you are very inspiring. You deserve all the awards and followers and accolades!! Thank you for enriching our lives.


  4. I love that you took a moment to do this thank you note. Maybe the word will spread? It is certain that we are what our readers make us and acknowledging that is just cool.
    The photos and words you share are a bright spot in this virtual world.
    Thank you,


  5. I for one am glad you did start this blog and that I stumbled upon it… marvellous writing and far from amateur


  6. And in return, I would like to thank you for writing and sharing these amazing words of yours with us. Its a true fem to see someone as special as you in the waters if wordpress.


  7. I’m a few weeks behind in reading your blog posts, but they have proven to be worth the weeding. 🙂 Keep at it. It’s not often I’m inspired.


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