15 comments on “Memorabilia

  1. I love that this work is simple, yet so poetic. Is your meaning literal or metaphoric? I’m asking because from one perspective I comprehend that the poem is speaking of any type of memorabilia, and its meaning to the person who keeps it. A person removing the item from a shelf [remembers] the moment the item became important. The person who owns the memorabilia is connected to it, so although the item may not hold much economic value, it has intrinsic meaning.

    From a different perspective, I comprehend the poem as a metaphor for memories of people. As individuals, we are memorabilia, which are keepsakes in the memories of others. What do this people think we they think of us…? This refers to perception, and the opportunity for us to change someone’s perception of us.

    Tell me, am I grasping the meaning?


  2. You look, think, see a tale and put it to poem like very few others. Superb. Also, the wife was going through your book Music of Scars just last evening. She shed a tear, wiped it away and smiled. She says the emotion really kicked in with ‘Psychosis of Pain.’ Thought you’d like to know. The book sadly is off my shelf now and in her grubby hands (she cannot keep books mint like I do) and she will not return it for sometime I feel!


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