18 comments on “Mystery of the Priesthood

  1. WOW, I like this–I like thinking that there is something good and elevated, priestly, about being a poet; not because I crave large amounts of praise and glory–but because I’d like to think I’m doing something worthy when I put pen to paper, something that pleases God. And yes, I see I used “like” 3 times–rather uncharacteristic of me, so I hope you’ll forgive the uncreative redundancy. God bless you Big.


  2. Beautiful writing, always–though I’m troubled by “fiction is blaspheming art”. Once in a while I’ve read fiction/prose where the writing is as lovely as poetry. And isn’t some poetry fiction? Lots of mine is…. I’m not meaning to be argumentative today–my comments reflect that I’m thinking about what I’m reading here.


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