21 comments on “Lackawanna

  1. Such a true story. Amazing work. Similar stories here, especially around the Broken hill area where my Dad grew up


  2. Gave me a chill down my spine– even in this heat. And I think about how much I complained about my ijob at various times. Shames me. Thanks for making us think of those great, courageous men.


  3. Miners drew the short straw over here yet good your poem effectively honours the specifics you write about and by default such men everywhere. We’ll make a socialist of you yet – obviously tongue in cheek Sir!


  4. Where I live is built on the backs of those who did what I never could have. Now and again a road has to be closed due to subsidence. We even have a monument to the miners in my town as it was once the biggest mining village in Scotland. No wonder education became so highly prized as a way out of darkness. lt beggars belief that so many hours of darkness shrouded all those lives. A beautiful testament, Paul, to those who endured so that others could have light.x


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