26 comments on “Rush Hour

  1. One of my ambitions in life is to see a moose in person, not close, and certainly not a momma moose and calf. I was excited to see elk when we visited the Grand Canyon and was lucky enough that my camera was ready. Love the picture and poem!


    • thank you kindly, Jeanne – as I told owl above – they just amble out of my woods – deer and moose alike – moose are easily twice the size of deer – 6 to 7 tall at the shoulder – and you can hear them trumpet at night


  2. I’m trained as a fine artist. I’ve only began writing myself within the last year. I bring no formal criticism or experience with my critique, but I find your writing some of the freshest, coherent, poetry I’ve found on line so far. Your poems inspire me to continue to write, and write better. I look forward to each post. Thank you.


  3. As a man who lives in Canada, and spends time in the north with friends who are camping nuts, I can truly appreciate this.

    Mind you, if the F150 didn’t hit the brakes soon enough and that moose was in the way…well, you get the point.

    Thanks for that


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