29 comments on “Neither/Nor

  1. “by men in flax tunics who
    hate their existence as much
    as they fear knowing you”

    That is utterly genius, thank you for sharing this!!!


  2. Wow, the writing in this just slays me, Paul–I dream of excelling at this art, you illustrate. And if I’d gotten nothing else from it, “Silver Blue” called my spirit name…


  3. who live and then die
    in their very same skin


    what cronish cruel hand petted
    curses above your furred brow
    giving fright to the night

    The elusive pride of wolves is what makes us fear, as well as respect them. You have captured their truth excellently.


  4. I saw this earlier today, but couldn’t post comments for some reason. amazing how we both posted wolf poems 🙂 This is wonderful!



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