22 comments on “Diving

  1. I like this, especially the 1st 2 lines. I’m not a swimmer, much less a diver–but I like the analogy. Faith does require that we dive in–and though the waters are sometimes scary for me, I’m so grateful that I braved them. Jesus, Himself, walked on them–so I feel more secure these days. God bless you BIG.


      • I think the strongest Believers (by which I mean, Christians) are those who have stubbornly pressed through, or fought through crises of faith. St Paul talked about perseverance, the strengthening of our character–and speaking for myself, I would not be the woman of faith I am today, but for the continuing struggle. It is no longer a struggle with Doubt, understand, but life being a daily battle, I currently feel a bit like Rocky. I am, however, fully persuaded that the Lord fights for and with me–and thus, each victory is very sweet. To know that this is but a glimpse, makes me hunger for the ultimate, eternal Victory. (Stepping down from the pulpit now.)


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