29 comments on “Osteomyelitis

    • thank you, kindly – I loved these as a boy – you could build anything so I guess they were like legos – but you had to put each piece together with small nuts and bolts


  1. Hi. I just nominated you for 2 blogger awards but being a survivor of the Stone Age, I lack the necessary computer skills to link that post with your blog. So please view the post and if you accept the awards, follow the guidelines.


  2. Yes, I like it: with words we build castles in the sand and then step back to watch the rising tide wash them away . . . When Robert Bly was asked about the best poem he’d ever written, he answered: ‘The next one I’m going to write’ . . . May your next one ever be greater than the last . . .


  3. I am so glad you have the words to reach where limbs may no longer be able. Most things diminish but words and what they evoke have the power to reach on forever. Yours surely will. Meccano, as we called it, was a favourite of my older brother’s as a boy and he could construct so many moving machines from the components while younger siblings sat in awe at his skills. An apt comparison for what you do with words.x


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