32 comments on “Anticipation

  1. This poem met all my expectations plus. A little younger, a child of the sixties, my pungent rubberized raincoat seems to have masked my early classroom aroma memories. Your piece is bringing them back. Thanks.


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  3. Wow, what a glorious poem, and it does take me back to similar smells especially; however, I dare say I greeted each new school year with much trepidation, rather than the excitement you speak of. Do you know what that red dust-type stuff was that the janitors would use, or “create”, as they cleaned the hallway floors??


  4. “I can still smell the day”: such a great line. The line about the composition books reminded my of “Emily of New Moon” by L.M. Montgomery. There are three books in the series (written by the author of “Anne of Green Gables”). If you’ve never read either the Emily or the Anne books, I highly recommend them. The writing is magical and marvelous, and the characters very real.


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