35 comments on “The Modern Sideshow

  1. You’ve really captured it. I’m not really much of a tv watcher and I’ve never understood the appeal of so-called reality tv. There are so many things to read, learn about, and explore. Why waste any of your precious life on that kind of drivel?


  2. Reality TV…Fake…Exploiting people that need help… and turning to mush the brains of America…great piece Paul


  3. Great poem–I for one, cannot and will not watch those programs. I don’t understand how there could be enough monetary gain to make it worthwhile to exhibit oneself, and family, in such a demeaning fashion.


  4. On Google Play’s “TV Shows Now Available” slot, you’ll find the promotional image to be that of (drums please….!)…
    Yep, the one and only Honey…
    I am truly sorry for these children being dragged into what they would never do themself at their age. This is ruthless pragmatism at the expense of innocents. People get angry about child labour, and rightly so! What about this?

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  5. could not agree more – have been tv-free for 3 years and haven’t looked back – never for the life of me will I understand how glorified idiocy = entertainment


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