30 comments on “Doing the Math

  1. Insurance Is
    A Harsh Game
    & We Do It
    Without Fame
    No doubt, We Are
    “THE MAN”
    When people need
    A helping hand
    Don’t regret
    I can tell from here
    You’re the type of guy
    That was fair
    And did your best
    In pursuit of Life


      • My pleasure. My Dad’s a retired Claims Manager for a large independent.

        And the most reasonable man I know, and he taught me to look for the coverage, not the denial.
        So that’s what I do. S

        tarted “working” claims with him when I was little. Actually worked Coalinga earthquake when I was 12 or so. I’d hold the dummy end of the tape measure, lol.

        Felt like a Stormtrooper, haha.


      • That proves what a fine and conscientious dad you are–there are lots of parents just shrugging it off, or blaming a variety of issues for their lack of presence. Kids are generous to forgive–and it sets a great example for them to parent their own kids–if parents are open about that “sting”. Just my 2 cents…


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