32 comments on “Reap the Whirlwind

  1. So much of what you mention reminds me of the twisted falsehoods preached as Truth. How incredibly the Truth has been manipulated by man’s desire for power; to rule over the blind masses, enslaving their time and energy: to gain monetary wealth. I am so glad in the Lord of Light and Peace, for His Truth has given me hope against this wicked world; for when the days of flesh have pass, and it is but in the spirit I dwell, I thank my GOD that I am allowed (through belief) to dwell with Him, the Holy Holy Holy Spirit: who loves unconditionally, and made a way for us to live in peace with HIM forever. Thanks.


  2. OOF! This is a tough word but the days are coming when the injustice of the world shall be judged and then we shall see just how inflammable this world is. Our God is mercy and grace and a consuming fire.


  3. This is a bit overwhelming for me today, so I don’t have a stellar reply–the part about “stabbing through altar cloths” sounds like a reference to the case of the priest who murdered Sister Margaret Paul, yet lived free for a couple decades or more, till he was finally convicted and sentenced.


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