29 comments on “Who Decorates Whom

  1. I love it! It makes me want to start painting again. Many years ago, my work was in Ro Gallery, in New York. I lived in North Carolina, where I had a private art studio and taught classes in acrylics, but my passion was oils…and I wouldn’t teach that. God Bless you Paul, Barb


  2. Its a beautiful painting. She seems so beautiful, and thoughtful, as if her eyes are trying to speak from those silent canvas.
    Beautiful poem too. Such a great read on a sunday evening for me.


  3. She is a Beauty (I love it when I can write from a painting/photo, rather than have to hunt one down to go with my poem–my invisible secretary’s s’posed to that, but he’s always AWOL–you get what you pay for).


  4. Beautiful! I get inspired to write by photos and other times I seek out the photo that best suits my theme. And sometimes, no picture necessary 🙂


  5. Whichever way you do it, you always have just the right words for the image. I always rather thought you were inspired by the images as your words seem to say exactly what is contained within them. How marvellous that there is, already existing, art that speaks after your words. A little miracle of common thought coming together at the chosen moment.
    She is strenuously beautiful with contemplative eyes. I can quite see why you were captivated. x


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