25 comments on “Cauldron

  1. The last line says it all – however well intended there can I believe only be evolved peace and such a peace is on the back of dead bodies. Sad old world notwithstanding your most excellent perspective through poetry.


  2. AMEN brother. I have always said, we have no right to impose our political beliefs on people half way around the world who do not agree with them in the first place. that is as much political rhetoric as I will dive into tho. Great Poem!!!


  3. Tell that to the little Afghan girls who would get killed when they went to school by the taliban…..how much sand, I can tell you because I myself have tasted it. It is a volunteer, I was a volunteer, adrenaline, pay, it was in my early twenties, I loved my job and my fellow coworkers. I left the sand, and there will be generations to come after me to do that job, unless you finally realise when the shit really hits the fan and there is a 3 WW and you people won´t need guys like me or my friends who went there volunteer, you would be drafter. like it or not there has to be a top dog on the block, there has always been and there will always be, human nature and Countries nature. We still don´t live in wonderland and never will. So I ate my sand, and the turn for others as tragic as it is it is necessary. And that is reality.


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