6 comments on “Weary

  1. Total agreement. We are talking about slapping their wrists for using chemical weapons, when they have already slaughtered 100000 people via other means. I guess that was ok.


  2. 911 and its aftermath agenda just keeps rolling along. I do all I can, and pray to split the snowball of lies that are being packed with increasing looseness and lack of imagination for the past ten years. “We” are the nation being “secured” others are being annihilated, or have already been “secured.” Our nation is bankrupt, beholden to globalist interests. Our “leaders” are dictated to by those interests. Our country is being reclaimed and utilized by it”s lenders (owners) to strategically deconstruct cultures.

    Another “dictator” forces Captain America’s hand (with those pesky chemical weapons again)….Yup, and our “dictator” will do as he sees fit….Yup that’s the American way. Maybe he’ll even do it against phony congressional opposition…Yup that would make for a good “show”. It’s an Orwellian nightmare. They’re following a script. Webster Tarpley predicted that Obama administration would be in Pakistan and Syria before his first term was under way.

    Killing their own people, now where could that idea have come from? America’s pride has overgrown it’s courage, sense, and thought. It now dictates “truth” contrary to laws of physics and chemistry from those historically troublesome group the Architects and Engineers, unpredictable bunch that lot. Coming to grips with this information transformed me, a painter, into a painter/poet.


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