33 comments on “Wishing Stone

  1. I dig this poem- so inspired to bust out a “rock poem” now- I’ve collected rocks since I was a kid- especially the smoothe river rocks from my adventures back in college. I’ve moved to five states in last 8 years and lugging those little dudes around each move has been a source of frustration for my husband, and entertaining devotion for me! Thanks for the inspiration, and love your “jumping into the rock” skills!


  2. Just so fine! I see the rock as a metaphor for your writing, smooth, unified, mysterious, eclectic, rhythmic, rounded, colorful, natural, mature, specific, unique, and steady. I really look forward to it
    and am seldom disappointed.


  3. I keep one in my (momey) purse, bought for me by my mum though chosen by me for its colour and feel. Each time I open it I have another little reminder of her. I also bought little bracelets last week of tiny stones, strung together on elastic, for my daughters and myself while out on a school trip. There is something so incredibly inviting about them. So exactly as you have described.
    And I’ve gone on like a budgie! 😉


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