15 comments on “Vortex

  1. Oh my goodness–I’m so stunned by this, I can hardly move. I feel that you were in my head, and wrote it–I had been looking forward to holiday plans, but each day that passes without my neighbor’s return…..thoughts of festivity are draining out. Focus– I really like that you put the flowers “limping”; it’s so unusual, yet quite credible–so it really stands out.


  2. I just love this, Paul! It so accurately describes my mind state and, to some degree, my husband’s. Grasping at straws but think we both have Lyme. Your 75 words are so well written and evocative. Hemingway would be approving.


  3. I’m glad to see this repost–it is such a powerfully great piece. If I ponder it long enough, I may get yet another poem this evening…will link back and credit, if successful.


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