36 comments on “L’Orologio di Nonno

  1. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    One of the items I received from my Dad when he passed away was a pocket watch he had in his jewelry box. It always fascinated me and like the Guy Clark song about his dad’s pocket knife there is something in the old things that carry timeless memories.


  2. Mmmm, I Lo-o-ve this one! Every phrase and line. I get the feeling that if I could touch it, it would still be warm–alive will all those ticking memories.


  3. Appropriate poem for a theme today when I visited my town museum that displayed clocks and watches made by Colchester watchmakers.


  4. I have an inkling you have Italian background just as I do. I have my father wrist watch , he wore it everyday. There is something, a bond, about fathers and little girls that is special. Never far from memory, his hands still remind me of gnocchi and the best sauce in the world. Great cook that he was!

    Enjoyed your poetry, need to come back often to read more.


  5. Beautiful and touching. There are so few who cherish each other, father to son like this. I stopped in to thank you for your comment on change and got a gift.


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