19 comments on “Interiors

  1. This is most peculiar – in a good way – it really got my imagination going. Following you now. You’ve written a lot! What would you recommend – what’s your favourite / most popular?


    • glad it worked for you – I’ve written more than 700 poems here – you must realize how difficult it is to answer your question – you will see the most popular (by likes received) listed at the right under “Top Posts and Pages” – I will however give you a few cherished titles that come to mind: For You, Manhood, 221B, The Waiting Room, Paradox of Pain – hope you enjoy some of what you find here


  2. Wow – what a way to describe man as the centre of his own universe and then compare it with man an irrelevant piece of an entire universe. You realize I may throw away my poetry pen for good – you have raised the bar yet again.


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