13 comments on “Pathetic

  1. Oh dear, when did you sneak up and snap that pic of me??!! (Except that in truth, I don’t think my vulnerability is “cunning”–I usually try to keep the stiff upper lift thing goin’!) God bless you today!


  2. Reblogged this on The Rocky Summit and commented:
    I’ve never liked people who exult and proclaim to the world their status as a victim for the very reason identified in this poem. It is as Paul notes, people’s erstwhile self-respect that triggers my disrespect. I have encountered a several people near me or seeking the attention of people close to me since being diagnosed with a terminal disease and the lack of respect I previously felt for people with such dismal character has grown to utter disgust. That is something I need to temper in myself, no doubt.
    In any event, I’m reblogging this because it coolly and succinctly expresses the feeling that overtakes me when I encounter these pathetic people, but cannot express why they tread on me like boils because the is gust takes over. Perhaps now I can simply recite these words to myself when circumstances require me to deal with such souls so I can then leave wha was once an element in my horizon in my wake.


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