24 comments on “Two-Cornered Rooms

      • Which makes me seek your opinion about something: should we explain our poetry to those who miss the meaning? My thought is that it would be a waste of time, and a throwing of pearls before swine–but perhaps my view is dimmed by negativity just now. What say you?


        • I think it’s a very personal matter – for me, I don’t care to explain my poetry because I want the reader to draw their own interpretations – it’s the same when I read poetry – even when I don’t understand it, I’m looking for a resonance and don’t want it explained to me


  1. my never-lived lives
    here unfold in their follow
    of unfounded precepts
    truths built out of lies..

    LOVE this part…so appropos to this picture! the choices we could’ve made, the directions we could have taken…the lies we tell ourselves …. really good one!!! 🙂


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