122 comments on “Lenzi on Self-Publishing

  1. Awesome article, thanks for posting this. Like yourself, I’m an ‘unschooled’ writer but recently compelled to voice what’s inside. Substantiating that Voice has been cathartic through blogging – with self-publishing the exciting next step!

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  2. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for addressing self publishing. I am close to finishing my first book of poetry and have another one in the works. So far Amazon looked like the best option for me too. Good luck with the marketing…perhaps you’ll post about that too…:)

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  3. Good info here! I published in 2002 via Plainview Press and would gladly do so again, but they have ceased to be. I am encouraged by your discussion of reviewing twice to catch the glitches. Even with an editor back in ’02, a couple of glitches got through the screenings. I have thought several times of just doing it on my own (poems are piling up!) but have not been thrilled with Lulu, et al. Did not know about CreateSpace … will look into that and retease possibilities of another printed issue. One of the appeals of doing it all myself is the option to create several smaller volumes that relate but also stand alone. Much to mull over – THANK YOU!

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