50 comments on “Drowning Misery

  1. My brother’s X wife tried to sue my dad for any inheritance. I remember his laughing and announcing to my brother, “You’re wife is suing me for divorce!” We drowned our sorrows in laughter 🙂


  2. This is a stark reminder indeed, Paul, well written, I love the last lines
    ‘cold companions
    that splendidly
    burn off regrets
    to make room
    for the shame’
    something I can relate too all too well, like the lovely Journey in Rhyme, I am also in recovery, seven years and ten months sober so far, I was fortunate enough to swap those cold companions
    for warm ones such as yourself, poetry is a form of therapy (both reading and writing it) and unites humanity. Words do so much more for me now than whiskey, thank you for yours, Mr Lenzi, you are a treasure.


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