85 comments on “Oh, Nigeria

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. A powerful statement on a heartbreaking situation. Return those beautiful flowers indeed!


  2. Magnificent – may I reblog? This is matter that has played upon my mind a lot – if ever the West should interfere (with the metaphorical club hammer) it is here.


  3. I posted a poem for this atrocity today as well. I have been waiting for weeks to hear anything. I guess our government now has to wait for the perfect photo op.
    Thanks for your touching poem


  4. Thanks for visiting again, Paul. Yes, Nigeria is sad sad sad, but I think lists ahead of the U.S. when ranked according to the happiness of its people. I lived in Ethiopia for two years and noticed the same irony.


    • I appreciate the comment – but it sounded surprising so I checked the latest UN happiness report for 2013 – FYI the rankings show USA 17, Nigeria 82, and Ethiopia 119


  5. This poem is tremendous as it moves an unknowing reader into an understanding of the horror that takes place in a land far away from the reader…


  6. Who will stand for the flowers?
    Who will stand for our girls?
    scattered in the field
    in the fierce grip of fiends

    Who will weep for the flowers?


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