46 comments on “Per Sempre nel Mio Cuore

  1. Love the detail in your poems. I, too, was raised in a little corner grocery and used a pencil on brown paper bags (although I still add on my fingers!). As always, thanks for sharing.


  2. “they used hair-nested
    ear-rested pencils
    to cipher their sales”

    Reminded me of kindle Mr & Mrs Bellacicco who lived across the street from me and made a living from baking bread, Great nostalgic piece, Paul.


  3. Loving heart made it all possible to live and love ..for hands are warm and reassuring with each touch and work they do..to tell those they care for..it is mother’s love..that is full of pride and is true.


  4. A beautiful, tender eulogy, my friend . . . Thank you for giving love such a wonderful voice! Blessings . . .


  5. (((awhoooo)))
    i feel everything you’ve written…I also see my mom and nonna in your words.
    Splendidamente scritto, Il vostro cuore mostra amore, Signore Paolo


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