13 comments on “Remembering Life

  1. Very beautiful, Paul . . . Makes me long for the vineyards of the Ligurian Coast . . . Blessings!


  2. “Grapes drawing sweetness from memory”? I can draw an inference, Paul, that you are exponentially increasing your level of consciousness. This observation is then examined by the enfolding/unfolding process in my heart a.k.a. the highest Temple to express my message linguistically without inflicting any desires, thoughts, emotions, and feelings in your physiology that could potentially contradict the divine process of the “grapes drawing the sweetness from memory”. Since the Holy Spirit blows from all direction, here is the results. Life is a gift, and we can feel it.
    Since at the level of “Contemplatio”/Zoe, time and space are irrelevant, the below is a linguistic expression of what Chief Crawford thought conceptually about life and how he felt or is feeling 🙂

    What is life?
    It is a flash of a fire fly at night
    A breath of a buffalo in winter
    A shadow of grass before it’s lost in the Sun
    Life, as we know it, flashes so fast
    Dying, we return to the Light
    The Source of all beginning
    One Source of Reality
    We are that Source
    God is our highest Self-Instinct
    To get to know ourselves
    (Chief Crawford, 1890)

    Warmest regards and blessings 🙂

    Howgh 🙂


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