24 comments on “Marriage Quotient

  1. Paul, we seem to be tottering down similar pathways! Check out my several posts under the link Conversations. All about us old farts and life transitions. I very much appreciate both the themes and the skilled poesy of your latest.

    The metal of maturity is vastly underrated and undermined — in my mind — in our country.

    Also, thanks for reading “On the mend” and voting for it.



  2. I married the first and only man I ever dated. I know things don’t often work like that anymore, but I never really thought (as my parents did) about growing old with my husband. Every day was just another day, and then one day it was 37 years later.


  3. I don’t understand about serial marriages either–I can see getting a 2nd chance, yes–but beyond that, if you haven’t figured out what you’re doin’ wrong, don’t mess up someone else’s life. And frankly, I don’t know where the emotional energy comes from, to keep walking down the aisle. I could easily see your grandkids becoming lawyers–hopefully not divorce lawyers, but the ones who nobly fight for those oppressed. ‘Course, it’s the divorce lawyers who probably make the big bucks…


  4. Liked! Sincerely.. 32 year old one year married male who now feels like ‘an old fashioned fart, white haired and wrinkly’ I ain’t even going to ask what next year will bring me!


  5. This is my recent favourite of your work… Probably, because i seem to identify with the reflection of your lines….
    You seem to zone in on some very heart-felt issues in your poetry!
    It’s like, there are things in people’s minds….and you put them here providing a voice to many MANY thoughts…
    Great work as always!


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