18 comments on “Bring It On

  1. A belter of a poem. By the way did you know our Education Secretary Michael Gove is seeking to ban ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ from our main English examination for 16 year olds from the curriculum? Even the lefty tabloid I take – along with a couple of spreadsheets – has a readers poll with a 94% rejection of his plans!

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    • whatever his politics, his appreciation for literature is abominable – John Steinbeck and Harper Lee deserve more respect from someone with the dubious title of “Education Secretary”


      • Couldn’t agree more. He reckons they dumb down English!!!! Also there is every chance he will be Tory leader one day. I’m almost inclined to say bring back Thatcher – almost.


        • we Americans have been dumbing down English for four hundred years – but we nonetheless manage to produce the occasional piece of worthy literature – seems an education minister should know better – sounds like a real right wing snob


          • Agree – American literature is a favourite of mine as punches are rarely pulled and the use and evolution of the English language has taken said literature to places that these days we English tend to follow rather than lead. Hemingway is a classic example of a genius who threw words at the page sublimely.


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